When planning a new grain store the farmer has a number of above floor or drive over floor options for directing the airflow under the crop, here are the main ones:

  1. Above Floor: Typhoon Maximair 'A' Type Laterals (available in small and large sizes - also suitable for flat bottom bins)
  2. Above Floor: Arched Corrugated louvred laterals
  3. Above Floor: Perforated tube
  4. Above Floor: Typhoon Gridweld Mesh Laterals (covered in hessian)
  5. Drive Over Floor: Mk2 Typhoon Levalair Laterals - for lightweight traffic <5 Tonnes
  6. Drive Over Floor: Heavy Duty Typhoon Levalair Laterals - for lightweight traffic >5 Tonnes
  7. Drive Over Floor: Timber

Existing stores may include 'Choc Bar' laterals or GFT concrete floors.  We are able to supply replacement laterals or perforated mesh and clips for for both of these.

Maximair above floor 'A' Type Laterals

Maximair louvres 1
Maximair bin 1
Maximair bin 2
Maximair louvres 3

Spares for GFT Concrete Grain Drying Floors

Clips for 6" or 8" Voids

Mesh strips also available

GFT clips for grain store floor

Timber or Steel & Concrete Drive Over Floors

TYPHOON Levelair floor grids are the ideal solution where below-floor laterals are required to allow an unobstructed floor area in the crop store for access by lorries and other traffic.

Two strengths are available, the Levelair Mk2 which will withstand the loads of normal road vehicles and the Levelair H.D., a heavy duty version for use where loading with industrial loaders is proposed. Both versions can be supplied with grain covers or potato/onion covers as required.

Levelair grids consist of a welded steel framework, with a high quality dipped paint finish on which is welded a louvered or expanded steel cover. The Levelair H.D. uses a deeper and heavier section framework, but is otherwise identical.

  • Tried and tested over 45 years for the drying and storage of grain, rape, potatoes & onions.
  • Can be installed by farm staff on a concrete base.
  • Low cost approx. £12/sq.ft. or £115/sq.mtr. INCLUDING the cost of ready mixed concrete.*
  • Will not rot, break up or harbour vermin.
  • Can be washed or dry cleaned to comply with the food storage regulations.
  • A quality product at a competitive price.

*Based on a building 60’ x 40’ to hold 400 tons, using 312HD Laterals at 3' centres

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