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On Floor Stirring Systems available in up to 12m (or 40ft) wide spans, with two Twin Auger Carriages as standard

Supplied with a set of 4 Augers and Control Panel

Typhoon Grain Stirrer


  • Improves the Efficiency of all Bulk Drying Store, Reducing Drying Costs
  • Prevents Grain Capping and Crop Compaction
  • Reduces Static Air Pressure, increasing Airflow Significantly
  • Crop is Evenly Dried, Reducing the Risk of Rejected Loads and Making Sampling Easier
  • Enables the use of Heat, Further Reducing Drying Times
  • Less Risk of Grain Deterioration, due to Faster Drying Times
  • Crops can be sold Earlier, Taking Advantage of Premiums
  • Drying and Storage Depth can be Increased Significantly
  • Variable Pitch Auger Flights Draw Grain Evenly Along the Length of the Auger
  • Strong Construction and Good Design, Capable of up to 12m Span
  • Adapted Tray Stirrer model available for Tray drying stores

The TYPHOON STIRRER SYSTEM is designed to operate in floor stores, moving grain evenly through its total depth. Stores up to 12m wide, by any length and by depths from 1.5m to 4.5m. The main beam carries two auger carriages, each with 2 auger drives. The auger carriages are linked together and have a position chain drive for traversing across the store. Each auger is driven by individual 1.1 kw motors.

The stirrer travels along the length of the store, via two trolley drive units, one each end of the main beam and sit directly on top of the track. The trolley drive rollers are hardened and when travelling along they indent the track, creating a positive drive. This prevents the main beam running out of square. The drive rollers are 150mm wide to allow for structural movement of the building and duct.

If the store is divided by a central main air duct, the stirrer can be moved across by installing a overhead gantry and second set of tracks. A second set of augers can be supplied for easy operation.


The electrical control panel is fully pre-wired and mounted on the stirrer beam. The auger carriage motors are started in pairs to reduce electrical start up loads, individual motors are fitted to each auger for ease of start-up in wet and compacted crops. Forward and reverse limit switches operate on movable end stops so set areas of the store can be stirred. Anti-crab switches stop the stirrer if the beam runs out of square with the building. Tilt switches are fitted to the auger carriages to protect the augers. The stirrer can be factory fitted with single or three phase auger motors.

The TYPHOON STIRRER SYSTEM improves drying speeds and quality of the crops by drawing the crop along the entire length of the auger, removing the risk of compacting and capping of the crop. A controlled high heat can be applied to improve drying rates by up to 50%. The auger movement through the crop cleans the surface of the grains/seeds for an improved sample and total mixing through the depth of the crop.


Typhoon Grain Stirrer 2
Typhoon Stirrer - Lifting Beam Attachment