For Gas Bottle Supplies in Coningsby, Pellcroft is an Agent for "Gas Direct" and "Calor Gas"

Gas Direct

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(Note: We supply Gas Direct Account Holders Only

For new enquiries call Stuart on 07747 270557 )

Collection only service, subject to availability, from the front of our factory at Coldham Road, Coningsby, LN4 4SE.

Please press the "gas bell" button on the wall of the factory and wait for someone to come out and serve you.  Please do not enter the factory building - this is a working engineering factory and not safe for public access.

Factory opening hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm

Prices correct at 31st October 2022

(for Gas Direct you must have an account with them before collecting - please contact Gas Direct for prices and to open an account.)

CALOR – 31st October 2022


47kg  Propane                                                                      £87.00

19kg  Propane                                                                      £47.50

13kg  Propane                                                                      £45.00

6kg    Propane                                                                      £30.00

3.9kg Propane                                                                      £25.00


18kg Forklift                                                                        £42.00



15kg  Butane                                                                       £55.00

12kg  Butane                                                                       £45.00

7kg    Butane                                                                       £35.00



5kg    Patio                                                                           £25.00

6kg lite  Propane                                                                 £30.00

13kg  Patio                                                                           £45.00

Note that for Calor prices you are required to swap with an empty gas bottle of same size.  If you do not provide the empty, an additional charge of £40 for a smaller bottle or £60 for a larger bottle will be applied.

All prices include VAT @ 5%